"I am very proud to say that my hair has VOLUME! Before using Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair along with the Vitamin A and Biotin, I would get my hair styled and it just looked as if it had no life (Dull). My beautician curled my hair the end of October and it was only barely bending around the curling iron one time. Now in December, most of my curls bended around the curling iron a good two turns...Yeah!

From bald to beautiful..." -Tracy, Monticello (December)




"I truly love to use Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair. I like the way it makes my hair feel. I think the product will help continue the growth of my hair in the top. I am looking to see more positive outcomes in the coming months." - Cynthia, Tallahassee

"While Ty's Soul Grow has been a huge part of my hair growth over the course of my life, now in my adult years it has only been something I turned to as needed. About 6 years ago I did a big chop while tranisitioning back to my natural hair and used it to get my length back. I saw results within a few short months, about 4 inches in about 8 months. A few months back I had a protective style that was too tight but I did not take out right away. When I did, I had a severe loss of edges. Well, Mom whipped up some Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair for me to use and in the last month I have seen my edges fill back in!

I am grateful to my Mom for helping me grow hair then and estatic to be using it now. To be able to help her spread the gift of hair by use of Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair has been a true blessing." - Ty, Los Angeles

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"I had a bald spot in the back of my head. I wore wigs all the time to cover it and this only lead to rubbing my edges out. After trying Ty’s Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair and taking the vitamins I began to see results quickly. My bald spot has hair now; also my hair is becoming thicker and healthier."

-Tracy, Monticello (September)










"I am really enjoying the use Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair.  It's very light and makes my scalp feel extra clean. I look forward to a great outcome from it." -Maya, Tallahassee

I had a stroke in 2010 and had lost the hair around my edges. I decided to cut my hair and go natural. When I first started using Ty’s Soul Grow I thought, “This stuff isn’t working”. But after some time I noticed my hair was growing back around my edges and thickening. “I thought, oh my gosh this is working! I am going to keep using it!”. I referred Ty’s Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair to my friend who has cancer and she has also noticed her hair thickening and growing back in also. I will continue to use and recommend this product! -Myrtle C. from Georgia

I started to use Ty's Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair on my daughter when she was 8 months old. Her edges were thinned out due to use of headbands. After using the product on her hair for 2 months, I started seeing fuzz growing in after about a month and I started seeing more hair grow in after about 2 months of use. I had been using other products and nothing had worked until Ty’s Soul Grow. I even recommended it to my friends sister whose daughter was completely bald and now has a fro that she can put pony tails in. I continue to recommend the Hair Food & Repair to everyone in the same situation. I just ordered some for myself due to a protective hairstyle that took out my edges. I am looking forward to having full grown edges in just a couple of months thanks to Ty’s Soul Grow Hair Food & Repair.- Samantha B. from Jacksonville